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Legal High & Herbal Smoking Blends

We stock the best and finest herbs the market has to offer. Natural herb smoking mixes such as Damiana, Wild Opium Lettuce and the infamous around the world legal herbal high smoking blends such as Super Skunk and Jamaican Ghanja, fashioned from the Passion-Flower, and many other natural ingredients to give you the best alternative to any High Street Cigarette, we even do them in hand rolled form. We sell Legal High Smoking Blends, natural Smoking Blends, Herbal Cigarettes and nicotine cigarettes. We sell loose nicotine and non nicotine baccy type products along with various branded smoking mixes. We also sell a varied range of incense and novelty collector's items. We sell incense, resins and solids, again a lot like you would get from your local stockist or dealership...

Our most sort after products in this section are the iDesire range, atomics and Tribal Warrior range. Jamaican Ghanja and Super Skunk along with white widow, Afghan and Afghan Gold Edition. We have all you could ever need, just check out our fantastic product range using the side menu. We sell incense and iDeaLA World goodies! Hunt around for things on sales and multipack discounts.

We used to sell the Spice Gold range until it got banned... Do you miss it?

Would you like products displayed in The Smoking Zone to be regulated for the better of everyone? Then please buy our single "iDeaLA World" off iTunes.

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  • Afghan Black Ultra 1B
    Price: £4.99

    Afghan Black Ultra 1B

  • Afghan Black Ultra 1C
    Price: £4.99

    Afghan Black Ultra 1C

  • Afghan Black Ultra 6
    Price: £4.49

    Afghan Black Ultra 6

  • Annihilation Volume 2 - NEW!!!
    Price: £9.99

    Annihilation Volume 2 - NEW!!!

  • Any 1g x 3 Multi Mix
    Price: £24.99

    Any 1g x 3 Multi Mix

  • Atomic Blast 1B
    Price: £4.49

    Atomic Blast 1B

  • Atomic Bomb 1B
    Price: £4.49

    Atomic Bomb 1B

  • Atomic Bomb 2B
    Price: £4.99

    Atomic Bomb 2B

  • Atomic Bomb 6
    Price: £4.49

    Atomic Bomb 6

  • Black Mamba Ultra 1B
    Price: £4.49

    Black Mamba Ultra 1B

  • Black Mamba Ultra 6
    Price: £4.99

    Black Mamba Ultra 6

  • Blue Cheese - New!!!
    Price: £9.99

    Blue Cheese - New!!!

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