Eshish is the world’s first portable electronic shisha smoking device.

It is designed to provide the finest and ultimate smoking experience without any of the harmful toxins.

With it’s eye catching designs and fresh bright colours.

The Eshish is aimed at people who are wanting a stylish, fashionable and also a healthy take on the average design associated with smoking.

With it’s bold colours and crystal glowing tip, the Eshish is the ultimate in luxury smoking.

Also Available in a variaty of different flavours to suit you.

It offers the freshest taste yet to be available on the market.

Our state of the art technology imitates the sensation of smoking a Shisha pipe.

Its portable capabilities make it one of a kind and gives 100% satisfaction with the enjoyment of smoking the finest quality shisha flavours.

Eshish is breaking through barriers and introducing you to a whole new world of smoking in a healthier and more entertaining way.